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3 Easy Steps

Parkloco - How it works - Step 1

Take your business to the next level

Next level with Parkloco

Optimize your business with actionable insights—Parkloco provides analytic-based data that will drive your revenue

Parkloco - How it works - Step 2

Better understand your customers

Parkloco - How it works - Step 2

Let Parkloco aggregate your customers’ behaviors from all your parking structures—Track, calculate, and predict your parking ebb and flow

Parkloco - How it works - Step 3

Use your existing infrastructure

No hassle or additional cost for installing new hardware - Parkloco easily integrates within your current POS system (manual or automated)


Real-Time Data

Monitor your customers minute-by-minute as if you were parking with them

Cloud Integration

Parkloco is cloud-based - accessible anytime, and anywhere

Support Loco

Need help? Don’t go crazy, go Loco and contact us!

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